A Bright Idea

Jan 23, 2014

MetamerismYou’ve decided it’s time to finally repaint the interior of your home so you head to your local home improvement store to pick out gallons of paint that you think will look great in each of your rooms. We’re going to stop you right here – you’re making a mistake! One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners often make is not considering how light will affect how a paint color appears in a room. But, have no fear, Three Brother Painting is here in Woodstock, GA to help you understand how light can change the appearance of a color.

The Case of the Mismatched Socks

How often have you put on a pair of black socks, only to walk outside and realize that one sock is dark blue? This is the affect that light can have on the appearance of color and it’s called metamerism. It’s the same thing that happens when your walls appear different colors depending on what time of day it is.

There are two broad types of light that will be brightening your home and walls: natural and artificial. Each of these have various characteristics that you should consider when choosing the color for your home. Once you’ve got the perfect color picked out, the next step will be to choose the appropriate finish, which will also affect the appearance of the color.

Check back in the next few weeks to learn about the details of each type of light and paint finish that you should know about when choosing the perfect paint colors for the interior walls of your Roswell, GA home. 

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