Avoiding the Tangle

Dec 24, 2013

Christmas Light StorageWhen does your family traditionally take down their Christmas decorations? After all of the hard work selecting the right tree, getting it through the front door, and in the stand straight, the job had just begun. Then of course there was stringing on the lights, hooking on all of your decorations, setting up the Christmas village just so, and whatever other decorations you had to put up. Now, it’s just about time to take them down and Three Brothers is here to help! Don’t get caught with a year of bad luck by waiting too late to put away all of your decor!

The 12th Night

Depending on your religious affiliations you may or may not have heard about the 12th night – the last night of the Christmas celebration. It’s specific date has been much debated but the general consensus is that January 5th is the 12th night of Christmas. After the 5th, if you still have your Christmas tree up and decorated, you’ll have a year of bad luck!

Christmas Light Removal

Three Brothers Painting is here to save your year! Give us a call today and schedule your Christmas light removal from your Woodstock, GA home. We’ll make sure that your lights are put away in an organized manner that makes it easy for you to both store them and pull them out for Christmas 2014. Call us today so that we can come out before the 12th night and hopefully help you avoid a year of bad luck for your family!

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