Don’t Get Tangled Up In Post Holiday Clean Up!

Dec 28, 2012

Christmas has come and gone and now its it time to take advantage of the post holiday sales! The New Year is right around the corner and you need to be getting the house ready for your New Years Eve party – but oh wait! You’ve still got your Christmas decorations up and icicle lights to take down off your roof! We know you don’t want to miss Les Miserables or The Hobbit so let Three Brothers do the work for you and remove your Christmas lights!

Who Needs More Bad Luck?National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Poster

Did you know that it is bad luck to have your Christmas decorations up after the twelfth night – January 5th? According to folklore and tradition, if you left your Christmas decorations up after the twelfth night the tree-spirits – who lived in the Christmas greenery – would start making mischief in your home and if the greenery wasn’t returned back to nature, then the plants wouldn’t be able to start growing again and Spring wouldn’t come. The superstition has managed to carry on to the twenty-first century and who needs more back luck these days?

Three Brothers Painting Christmas Light Removal

Avoid another dose of bad luck and potentially getting tangled up in those icicles and dealing with climbing up and down the ladder – no one wants to start off the New Year with a trip to the hospital! Call Three Brothers Painting today and let us take down your Christmas lights! Not only will we remove the stress and potential danger of climbing up and down ladders but we will make sure your lights are neatly wound up (and avoid your own version National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) and stored for next year’s holiday.

Give Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA a call today and we will be right over to take the hassle out of taking down Christmas!

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