Light Up the Night

Nov 1, 2013

Halloween has officially passed and turkey day is on its way, so when will you start putting out your Christmas decorations for Santa? We know it’s early, but a little planning ahead never hurts! Three Brothers Painting is bringing it back – our annual holiday light installation and removal in the Woodstock, Georgia area!

Holiday Light InstallationDepending on who you are, planning for Christmas could either take all year, or all of 24 hours on Christmas Eve. Don’t get stuck down to the wire – go ahead and make your gift list now and start checking people off – this means you too guys! You’ll find better gifts for those special people on your list if you have the time to find them just the right thing to make their Christmas wishes come true.

Three Brothers Painting is making one of your Christmas wishes come true right now by making your decorating job a whole lot easier, all it takes is one phone call! This year, instead of dragging out all of your ladders and spending hours hanging icicle lights, staking down your inflatable Santa so he doesn’t fly off, and making sure that the reindeer are situated in their perfect take off spot, just give us a call at Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, Georgia. We will install and set up all of your outdoor decorations for you – including replacing bad bulbs and light strands! Christmas decorations are always more fun when you don’t have to put them up yourself – all you have to do is appreciate them. You won’t have to deal with taking it all down either, because we do that too! 

This year, be the envy of your neighbors and make your wife’s holiday magical – one call to Three Brothers Painting and you could leave for work in the morning, and come back to a fully decorated winter wonderland. We look forward to hearing from you!

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