As more and more families are opting to go green with their homes, the Three Brothers Painting crew often gets asked about low-VOC paints. The term VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Defined, VOCs are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that readily vaporize into the air.  As paint dries, these harmful VOCs are released into the air at high levels, causing air pollution and potential health issues which can be problematic for people with breathing problems such as asthma or emphysema, pregnant women, or families with small children and animals.

Enter low-VOC and no-VOC paints, which are now widely available and sold by most major paint manufacturers. In addition to healthier air indoors, low-VOC paints also release less gas into the atmosphere, decreasing their carbon footprint. 

A low-VOC paint that Three Brothers Painting team recommends is Duration by Sherwin Williams. Duration is naturally resists mildew and for households with budding ‘artists’, most stains or marks wipe clean with mild soap and water.

For zero-VOC paint options, Porter Paints offers a line called Pure Performance, which is also naturally mildew-resistant and easy to clean.  Another zero-VOC option is the Harmony collection from Sherwin Williams, which is available in a wide range of textures, glosses and hues. Some colors are so natural they’re even made from safe and sustainable materials like soy and sunflower oil. Lastly, ProMar 200, is a  zero-VOC professional-quality interior latex paint by Sherwin Williams.

These are just a handful of many options to choose from when purchasing low or Zero-VOC paint. As consumers continue to demand more earth-friendly options, paint companies will continue to come up with safer, greener options for your home. If you’re interested in using low or zero-VOC paint for your next interior paint job, don’t hesitate to contact Three Brothers Painting with questions. Also, don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook page to check out our weekly special for National Painting Week, as well as get weekly updates and tips!

Photo courtesy of Flickr.
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