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Jan 29, 2014

SunshineLast week we let you in on the secret that most DIY house painters don’t realize: light affects the appearance of color, a phenomenon otherwise known as metamerism. If you were reading last week, you know that there are two types of light, natural and artificial, and each has their own effects on the appearance of color. This week, Three Brothers Painting is sharing with you the details of how natural light affects the appearance of your interior house paint at your Alpharetta, GA home. 

Light Throughout the Day

Natural light entering a room will greatly determine how the wall paint colors appear. Obviously, throughout the day the natural light will change as the sun rises and sets, which you should remember as you are determining what color to paint on the walls. Also think about what time of day the room will be used the most – evening for dining rooms, for example – and pick a color that looks best in that light.

The Direction of Natural Light

The effect that light has on the color will vary depending on which direction the room faces. If the room faces north, the natural light will be softer with a warming effect, making darker hues appear darker, and light colors lightly more subdued. South facing rooms will get the most intense light. Dark colors will appear brighter and light colors have the potential to leave a room looking washed out. Rooms that face the sunset will receive the orange rays as the sun goes down, making colors of orange, red, and yellow appear more saturated. Eastern facing rooms will receive a light that add a little bit of green to the wall. The best colors for these rooms are soft, cheerful yellows.

Testing Paint for Natural Light

Get paint samples of the colors you are considering and paint a swatch on each of the 4 walls of a room. This will help you see how the color will appear on the room over all – whether one wall stays in the shade or gets hit by the sun all day. Also, painting the room in the morning and watching how the light changes throughout the day will help you make your decision.

Thankfully, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb so we don’t have to depend on the sun or candlelight for illumination of our home. Check back next week to learn how artificial light changes the appearance of wall paint color in your Canton, GA home. 

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