Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made a note of the most common questions we get and put them all in one place. Here are the things our customers most want to know about the Three Brothers Painting process.

How many coats of paint are used?
1 coat of coverage by spray for the same color
2 coats for color changes or solid stained decks (semi-transparent gets one)

Why do you spray?
Spraying is more efficient, affordable, and provides a better all around coverage. Cedar homes may be hand painted (to get the nooks and crannies) after a first coat of spray.

Can repairs be done on the same day as painting?
In most cases, yes.

What are the first steps taken to start the job?
Pressure washing and prepping come first. Prep work includes scraping, caulking, sanding, and the beginning stages of priming. This also includes a member of the crew going to pick up the paint chosen by customer.

What do you use for repairs?
We try to go with PBC (polyvinyl chloride) or hardie board material when possible. Sometimes we will use pressure treated wood.

How long do I have to wait to do work on a new deck?
You need to wait 4-6 weeks

Do you pressure wash?
Yes. We will pressure wash anything except roofs.

Do you do any roof work?

Do you do anything with gutters and shutters?
We will paint them, but we cannot/will not replace or fix them.

Do you do any window cleaning?
We will clean your windows when we paint to remove any residue we have left, but otherwise we are not window cleaners.

You guys have done a paint job for me before, how long can I wait to ask for a touch-up?
You must ask within the year of when the job was done.

What kind of work DON’T you do?
We do not do any flooring, electric, or landscaping.

Do you do any wallpaper work?
We can remove wallpaper, but we will not put any up.

Do you do any popcorn removal? If so, can I get a quote?
Yes, we do popcorn removal. We cannot, however, give you a quote without first seeing the ceiling.

How long does popcorn removal usually take?
All jobs vary, but for a small office, it would take about two days.

Do you do crown molding? If so, how much am I looking at spending?
We do crown molding. Pricing is $4 per linear foot.

I’m getting my floor done as well as getting some painting. Which should I do first?
It’s a common misconception that you should do the walls first so as not to ruin your new flooring with paint. The truth of the matter is that when flooring gets put in, it is very likely for scuffs and marks to be left behind on your walls from the crew or the flooring product. We suggest getting your flooring put in first and then have us paint for you. We take pride in keeping your home in pristine condition, so we will cover and protect all of your flooring and furniture to keep everything in your home looking how you want it to look.

After you do concrete work, how long do I have to wait before I can walk on it?
You have to wait 1 day, unless it’s epoxy, in which case you should wait for up to 7 days.

Do you offer a warranty? If so, how does it work and what does it include?
Due to all of the different climates and elements that are seen in Georgia, we do offer a warranty. With this warranty we will come out and pressure wash, and do paint touch-ups. The cost is 10% of the original job price. You can find this price on your estimate. The cost is simply for the labor. You are not required to purchase the warranty and you will not have to pay until you are ready to book the touch ups.

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