Paint vs Stain: Which is the better option for your deck?

May 28, 2014

Deck StainShould you stain your deck again this summer, or opt for a fresh coat of paint? We know that you want us to give you a straightforward answer, but there honestly isn’t one. Both stain and paint have their pros and cons depending on what you are going for, the maintenance you are willing to do, and the size/shape of what you are staining or painting. Three Brothers Painting will walk you through both options so you can make an informed decision.

Staining Your Deck

If you are in love with the look of wood and just want to add a little color, then stain is the way to go. It comes in a variety of shades and opacities so that you can choose the stain that will give you the look you are going for. But, if you are staining a deck you should keep in mind that you will have to re-stain it on a regular basis – about once a year. This is because stain doesn’t sit on top 0f the wood and coat it – it actually soaks into the fibers of the wood. As time goes on the sun and weather diminish the appearance of the pigments. Also, stain is not a great protector of your wood. Again, because it does not coat the wood, it cannot protect your deck from the wind, sun, and rain.  Using a stain that is opaque will provide the most protection, color, and longevity.

Painting Your Patio

Paint is going to give your patio the best possible, longest lasting protection against the elements. But, painting a large flat surface that could be left with standing water after the rain leads to problems of bubbling and peeling. A good coat of paint will help protect the wood from the constant swelling and shrinking associated with water retention and drying. If done correctly, a good paint job could last you almost 10 years, but when it is time to repaint, you’ll need to strip the surface and start all over again.

So, which is better for your deck or patio: paint or stain? The answer comes down to three questions: What kind of look are you going for, how often do you want to do maintenance, how much work are you willing to put in each time that your deck or patio surface needs to be maintained?

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