Tis the season for entertaining! The holidays are upon us which means you will plenty of guests over the next month or so. To make sure you can enjoy the time with your family and friends, make sure your home is ready for guests ahead of time! Here are some tips to help you get ready for your guests:

  • Address all of the little problems in your home. Does your toilet run constantly? Do you have loose doorknobs throughout the home or chipped paint? Now is the time to fix all of the little things to ensure your home is in top shape for your guests.
  • Replace any bulbs that may have burnt out throughout the home. Check your track lighting all the way down to your night-lights. Take this opportunity to check any outdoor lighting you may have too. interior bedroom
  • If your HVAC system is due for a check up, now is the time to get it tuned up. Though it’s never convenient for theses systems to break, it will be far worse if you are trying to entertain house guests.
  • Check your linens! Make sure your all of your bedding, towels and even upholstered surfaces are clean, crisp and looking fresh for your guests.
  • Clear out your closets. Guest rooms are the perfect place to store things we seldom use. However, you’re going to want to house that elsewhere and get your closet ready for your guests and their belongings and luggage.

Once your home is ready for guests it’s time to enjoy the holidays and make new memories and traditions! Christmas is just about a month away, it’s time to get started!

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