Prepare Your Yard for Holiday Lights

Nov 16, 2015

Three Brothers Painting will hang holiday lights on your Atlanta area home.It’s almost time to deck the walls and the yard with festive holiday lights. Are you ready? Here’s a quick checklist to help you prepare your home for yule tide decor.

  1. Trim the hedges. Bushes that line up evenly are easy to decorate — and undecorate at the end of the season.
  2. Check garden lights. Existing garden lights can add to a holiday display, whether by highlighting special elements, or adding sparkle to your seasonal display.
  3. Clean the front door. If you plan to hang a wreath or other decor on the front door, a clean door will make the items look that much brighter. A new lightbulb over the door will enhance the effect as well.
  4. Make sure you have enough lights. If you’ve changed your landscaping, or plan to decorate more of your home and property than in years past, get out the measuring tape. Do you have enough lights on hand? If not, take the time now to find lights that will match your current inventory.
  5. Check to make sure the lights still work. Many people re-use lights for several seasons. If you do this, check each strand before you start to decorate. You may be able to replace blown-out lightbulbs. In fact, many home improvement stores carry replacement fuses and light bulbs for a variety of lights.
  6. Make sure extra equipment still works. Do you sych your lights to music? Do parts of your display move? Test all of those things before you start to set-up. This way when you finally put together your display, everything works smoothly.

If you’re not able to hang your holiday lights this year, call Three Brothers! We’ll send a team to your home to hang the lights. You can enjoy the sparkle, even with a hectic schedule!

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