Three Brothers Painting: Celebrating 25 Years of Business

Thank you, Atlanta!

Three Brothers Painting - 25th Anniversary

In June 2016, Three Brothers celebrated our 25th anniversary, with family, friends and neighbors.

A History of 25 Years in Atlanta’s Painting Industry, From Our Founder, Carlos Velez

To commemorate our 25th year in business, we interviewed our founder, Carlos Velez, and he shared some of the history of Three Brothers Painting:

At first, we had a crew of five guys. Then, little by little, we added more crews and worked in more communities until we had a total of fourteen crews working in five or six different communities.

I can say those were the wonder years because there was so much work, we would work from Monday through Sunday every week. There were Sundays that we had our wives and children come have lunch with us at the job site because we did not have time to see them during the week.

For a number of years we had some incredible growth. In the early 2000’s, our growth prompted me to start investing in real estate, and in 2002 when our sister company, Creekstone Financial Services, was born. During that time, I also partnered with my sister Rosa and started Woodstock Hispanic Services, a business which caters to the Hispanic community and helps them with translations, taxes, and helping with the renewal of immigration documents.

Even during the slower period after the economic collapse in 2007, we managed a smaller number of crews and slowly built our sister companies, Creekstone Financial Services and Woodstock Hispanic Services.

2015 was one of our best years since the 2007 recession, and we owe that success to our customers, friends, and family. Twenty-five years later, customer satisfaction is still a key element in every painting job we provide, and as such, this anniversary celebration is a token of our appreciation for everything over the last 25 years. Three Brothers Painting looks forward to serving you in the years to come, and we hope you’ll join us in the celebration!




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